Lambda García: A Rising Star from “Los 50”

Lambda García

Lambda García: A Competitor on “Los 50”

Lambda García is one of the competitors that is part of “Los 50”, the most ambitious reality show on Telemundo in which five dozen celebrities will live in an exotic mansion, where they will have to face various challenges.

How Prepared Will Lambda García Be?

We will know this from July 18, the day of its premiere. In the meantime, we’ll tell you who he is and everything you need to know about him. It should be noted that those summoned, of different nationalities, will perform under the watchful eye of a masked game master: the Lion, a character who will see how the participants do alliances and develop strategies to avoid elimination.

Personal Data of Lambda García

  • Full name: Lambda Germán García González
  • Place of birth: Mexico City
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Birthday: January 7
  • Year of birth: 1987
  • Age: 36 years
  • Instagram: @lambgarcia
  • Facebook: @LambdaGarciaOficial
  • Twitter: @lambgarcia

Who is Lambda García?

Lambda García is a well-known Mexican host and actor of series and soap operas, whose charisma conquered the public.

He Had a Musical Group

When he was a teenager he formed a musical group with his friends, he liked being in front of people so much that he made the decision to become an actor.

Actoral Training

García studied acting at TV Azteca’s Center for Actoral Studies and Training for Television (CEFAT).

Studied on Broadway

Lambda always sought perfection, so he did not hesitate to attend the Broadway Dance Academy to study musical theater.

Debut and Actoral Career

He debuted as an actor in 2007 in “Se busca un hombre” with the role of Diego Villaseñor. After that, he participated in nearly two dozen productions such as: “Pasión morena” (2009-2010), “La otra cara del alma” (2012-2013), “El señor de los cielos” (2016), “El Chema” (2016), “Señora Acero” (2018), “I am the queen” (2019), “Divided love” (2022), “Overcome guilt” (2023), among others.

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He Participated in Realities and Won Two of Them

Lambda García has participated in six reality shows, of which he has won two: “Top Chef VIP” (2022) and “My famous man and I” (2023). The others he was in were: “What do celebrities say?” (2022), “The stars dance today” (2021), “If you can” (2015), and “Mexico dances” (2013).

Program Driver

He has also been the host of television programs such as “Hit M3” (2014) and “Hoy” (2020-2021).

His Work on the Stages

Garcia has shown his talent on stage in the following plays: “Aladdin” (2008), “Sleeping Beauty” (2010), “12 Fighting Princesses” (2011), “The Box” (2012), and “Boy Meets Girl” (2016).

Does Lambda García Have a Partner?

Yes, Lambda García has a partner. Her boyfriend is also an actor Diego Oseguera, who does not hesitate to shout his love from the four winds.

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