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Lamentum: this is the new Spanish survival horror; trailer, platforms and date

Lamentum was announced during the first bars of 2018 and was destined to arrive at the end of that same year. However, different reasons led to a delay and its premiere has been requested. But don’t worry, because it’s just around the corner: Obscure Tales (developer) and Neon Doctrine (publisher) have confirmed its launch date, which will take place next Tuesday, August 31. The title will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. To celebrate, then we leave you the trailer of the game.

Lament: un survival horror about pure onion

Obscure Tales, the Spanish studio responsible for the title, has always been clear about the classics that served to inspire them: Resident Evil, Silent Hill y Alone in the Dark are some of them. Lamentum proposes a survival horror experience like the old ones: explore an ostentatious mansion full of corridors, secret rooms and many objects to find. Of course, there is no shortage of puzzle, text documents or the need to manage our resources and deal with dangerous creatures. In addition, the title makes use of limited objects when saving game in the purest Resident Evil style and the tapes.

In terms of history, the game puts us in the shoes of Victor, a middle-aged man desperate due to the illness that keeps his wife grieving. Your decision? Nothing more and nothing less than to undertake a trip to Grau Hill (New England) with the intention of interviewing an enigmatic count who claims to know all the secrets about ancient medicine, and who claims to go beyond what conventional science has been able to explore. However, it seems that in his luxurious mansion we will find something more than a simple conversation …

Lamentum will be available next Tuesday, August 31 en PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch.

Source | Neon Doctrine (Press release)


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