Lance Chody Net Worth

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Lance Chody Net Worth


Lance Chody Net Worth

Lance Chody Net Worth

Lance Chody is a well-known entrepreneur and investor with a net worth is estimated to be around $30 million to $50 million as of 2023. who has made a fortune in various industries. He is the owner of Garrett Brands, which produces the popular Garrett Popcorn Shops and Frango chocolate mints. He is also the founder of Chody Real Estate Corp, which specializes in buying and developing properties.

Introduction of Lance Chody | Lance Chody Bio

Lance Chody is an accomplished food entrepreneur. He holds the position of Chairman & CEO at Garrett Brands LLC. With extensive experience in the food sector, he has accumulated a significant net worth estimated to be in the millions. His involvement in numerous successful ventures and businesses over the years has been instrumental in his wealth accumulation.

Lance Chody Early Life

Lance Chody was born on August 1, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a large family, where he gained an appreciation for hard work, determination, and community. His parent’s names are unknown.

Lance Chody Education

Lance Chody is a highly educated individual. His knowledge has been instrumental in his business success. He dedicated himself to his studies to earn his degree. The skills he acquired during his education are crucial. They apply directly to his roles as CEO of Garrett Brands LLC and founder of Chody Real Estate Corp. His time in school has provided him with the tools he utilizes daily in these positions.

Lance Chody Personal Life | Lance Chody Wife – Family

Lance Chody is married to Megan Chody. She plays a crucial role within the Garrett Brands family. Megan Chody serves as both Lance’s life partner and the director of consumer engagement at Garrett Brands. Their partnership reflects a shared vision and commitment to excellence, evident in their achievements. They are proud parents to three lovely daughters: Hannah, Elle, and Brett.

Lance Chody Career and Achievements

Significant achievements mark Lance Chody’s career. It all started with his education in business administration. In the snack industry, he has achieved significant progress. He acquired companies like Garrett Brands and Frango Chocolate Mints. This move solidified his position as a prominent business figure.

Acquisition of Garrett Brands

In 2005, Lance Chody acquired Garrett Popcorn Shops. This cherished chain, founded in 1949, is based in Chicago. With his entrepreneurial vision, Garrett Popcorn expanded globally. The brand now has 48 stores in major cities such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Madrid, and more. The chain is renowned for its iconic caramel crisp and cheese-corn flavors. This has attracted a dedicated global fan base of popcorn enthusiasts. Lance’s leadership has propelled Garrett Popcorn to success. It has become a cherished brand that embodies Chicago’s vibrant culinary legacy.

Acquisition of Frango Chocolate Mints

In 2017, Lance Chody expanded his collection of renowned Chicago brands. He did so by acquiring Frango chocolate mints. This move reinforced his dedication to preserving and revitalizing local traditions. Frango is celebrated for its delightful mint chocolates. It holds a cherished spot in the hearts of Chicago residents. Under Lance’s


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