“Lara Álvarez makes an emotional comeback to ‘Survivientes’ and pays tribute to Laura Madrueño”

Lara Álvarez Returns to Televisión

These days have been full of emotions for Lara Álvarez. The Asturian journalist, who presented Survivors from Honduras for eight consecutive seasons, has returned to the set of what was her television home to promote her new project on the network, It slips me.

A Triumphant Entrance

Lara made her triumphant entrance live, in front of the loving gaze of her former partner, Carlos Sobera, and Laura Madrueño, whose live image appeared on the set’s big screen. The audience received her with a deafening ovation at the height of the occasion.

Warm Reunions and Heartfelt Words

Between complicit looks, evident professional harmony, and without letting go of the hand of her interlocutor, Lara praised the work of Madrueño, telling her that she could not have represented the Honduran family better.

Melancholy Goodbye

When Lara said goodbye to Honduras in July 2022, there was nothing foreshadowing that that goodbye would mark the end of a stage of nearly a decade at the helm of Survivors from the island. Five months after Lara left the Cayos Cochinos to return home, Mediaset announced that the presenter would not be present in the new edition of the most extreme reality show on television to “enjoy a rest period to face new future projects within the group”.

Lara Álvarez’s Next Chapter

With melancholy for this edition of Survivors on television, Lara looks forward to a new professional stage and has revealed that she has frozen her eggs, calling it the best decision she has made in her life.

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