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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Breaks Records

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has made a historic opening last weekend, earning $204.6 million in just its first five days of release. Although the animated film has garnered mixed reviews, one thing that has been welcomed by audiences is Jack Black’s outstanding voice work for the villain Bowser. It was a casting decision that could also lead to the creation of a hit single alongside the blockbuster movie.

Jack Black’s “Peaches” Takes Over the Charts

Jack Black’s “Peaches” debuted last week, along with the tape and music video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett. In the music video, the artist performs the piano ballad solo in a tower. The song got off to a good start in streaming and sales with 218,000 official daily on-demand streams in the US and around 500 digital sales on its first full day of launch.

Sales and Streaming Numbers Rise

The song has only grown in popularity after the film hit theaters across the country. It now has 961,000 daily streams and 1,000 sales as of April 10: a gain of 342% and 104%, respectively, according to Luminate. If it continues to rise in these metrics, the song could soon be in contention for a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 within the next two weeks.

A New Chart Success for Jack Black?

This would be a first for Jack Black as a solo artist, although in 2006, he reached no. 78 as part of his band Tenacious D with the theme song for their film The Pick of Destiny. Super Mario also had a second chart appearance with Roxette’s “Almost Unreal,” which reached no. 94 from a less successful 1993 film adaptation of the popular video game.

“Peaches” Takes Over Social Media

The music video for “Peaches” continues to attract more fans, especially on TikTok, both for Jack Black’s hilarious performance and the catchy tune. With the film’s continued success and growing popularity, the song is likely to stay on top of the charts and have a longer reign than what many initially expected.

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