Lasso appoints new chiefs of the Armed Forces after the new prison massacre in Ecuador

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The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, appointed new chiefs within the Armed Forces of the South American country, after registering a new prison massacre in the country, with a balance of 68 dead and at least 25 wounded.

Through the Executive Decree 256, the Ecuadorian president appointed Major General Orlando Fabián Fuel Revelo as head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces.

Fuel replaces Vice Admiral Jorge Cabrera Espinosa, who had held that position for less than six months, specifically since May 24, the day Lasso assumed power.

In addition, the president, in Decree 256, appointed Brigadier General Luis Enrique Burbano Rivera as General Commander of the Land Force.

On the other hand, the Ecuadorian president also accepted the resignation of the director of the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI), Bolívar Garzón, who had barely 47 days in office.

This position was entrusted to the head of the Strategic Intelligence Center, Fausto Cobo, who was director of the SNAI prior to Garzón.

These changes in the military leadership and in the SNAI took place hours after the new prison massacre was registered in the Guayas No.1 Center for the Deprivation of Liberty, also known as the Litoral Penitentiary. The riot began on the night of Friday, November 12, and lasted until the early hours of the next day.

In the first instance, the authorities reported 58 deaths, but later the figure was raised to 68.

In that same prison, the worst prison massacre in the history of Ecuador was recorded on September 28, with a balance of 119 dead inmates.

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