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Last rumors before the keynote: MacBook Pro with “Notch” and leaked chip names

Just a few hours before the Apple keynote under the motto “Unleashed”, further details of the expected new MacBooks have leaked. The new MacBook Pro, of which there will probably be 14- and 16-inch versions, is said to have a “notch” in the display for the camera module for the first time.

Corresponding images had already appeared months ago in stolen construction plans, which are said to come from the Apple manufacturer Quanta Computer in Taiwan. Previously, quite unusual “crooked” resolutions were known for the new machines (3024 times 1964 and 3456 times 2234 pixels). If you calculate the height of 74 pixels here, you get 16:10 image formats, calculates MacRumors now before.

A matching one Patent application there should also be. The notch is said to be well hidden with background images, at least in Apple’s marketing materials. The group once proceeded in a similar way with the first notch iPhone, the X. Furthermore, Apple is said to be planning to replace the unpopular Touch Bar with regular buttons. Only one Touch ID button remains on the right. That should also emerge from leaked blueprints. Previously, however, it was said that Apple had only tested such a variant.

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There is also news about the name of the new Apple silicon chips. Instead of “M1X”, Apple is supposedly planning the names “M1 Pro” and “M1 Max” – which would be confusing because it has always been said that the two new MBPs are equipped with the same chips. Bloomberg-Reporter Mark Gurman, who heard this information from developers who saw it in logs, is himself not sure if these are really the final names. There is also fresh information on the new Mac minis: Leaker Dylandkt firmly believes that it will not only be a Mac series that Apple is overtaking today.

The Apple event “Unleashed” starts at 7 pm. heise online and Mac & i are there live.


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