Laszlo Kovacs on Acting by Reality Guys: “Yeah, They’re Doors”

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El actor Laszlo Kovacs, remembered for his role as ‘Tito’ in the television series “Al fondo hay Sitio”, was encouraged to comment on the performance of the reality boys, since most of them participate in “La Academia”, a segment within the program “This is War.”

“Here between us, are they doors or are they not doors for you?” the Willax TV reporter questioned the actor, who replied: “Look honestly, yes (they are doors), for me they are. In other words, what little I have seen is not something that particularly makes me vibrate or feel or get excited. It seems a little cold to me, doesn’t it?

Kovacs added that the reality boys’ performance is a “bit cold and a bit robotic.” “It takes as I said, a little more layers”, added.

“When you are young, you are really like a diamond in the rough, although many are left only in the rough”, added the actor, generating a laugh from the reporter.

Finally, the remembered actor from “Al fondo hay Sitio” emphasized that “If you work and polish and read and make an effort and travel and study you can go far, of course you can.”

After presenting the statements of Laszlo Kovacs, Rodrigo González was encouraged to comment on the performance of Patricio Parodi and Nicolla Porcella.

“If we have to choose between the ‘Pato’ Parodi and between the ‘door’ Porcella. I am left with the ‘door’ Porcella, because at least it does something, but the ‘Pato’ seems to me that it does not transmit anything, it does not pass through, it is really an inert thing, like a pole ”, said the popular ‘Peluchín’.

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