Latin American currencies close higher, albeit cautiously ahead of Fed and European comments

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Latin American currencies closed on Wednesday with gains against the dollar, after a couple of weeks of losses, although the markets remained cautious before comments from monetary policy authorities in the United States. United States and Europe this week.

* The currencies of the region moved away during the day from the behavior of the euro and the pound sterling that weakened against the US dollar.

* Gains were led by the Colombian peso, which strengthened 1.8% to 4,400.30 per dollar; while in the stock market, the benchmark MSCI COLCAP index fell 1.37% to 1,210.30 points.

* The Chilean peso closed with an advance of 0.51%, at 884.50/884.80 units per dollar. The main index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, fell 1.2% to 5,540.62 points.

* Chile’s central bank agreed on Tuesday to raise the benchmark interest rate by one percentage point to 10.75%, above market expectations, as part of its strategy to counteract inflationary pressure.

* The Mexican peso appreciated 0.56% to 20.0050 units per dollar and the main stock index S&P/BMV IPC , which includes the 35 most liquid companies in the local market, rose 0.34% to 46,056.97 points .

* In Brazil, the real advanced a slight 0.09% to 5.2480 per dollar, although the Bovespa stock index fell 2.17% to 109,763.77 points.

* The Peruvian currency, the sol, gained 0.29%, to 3.886/3.888 units per dollar. Meanwhile, the reference of the Lima Stock Exchange added 0.61%, to 494.64 points. * In Argentina, the leading Argentine index climbed 2.69%.

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