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Latto Exudes “Big Mama” Energy at the 2024 BET Awards

Latto lit up the stage at the 2024 BET Awards, earning her nickname “Big Mama” as she performed draped in a cozy blanket on a cheetah-print couch. She delivered a memorable performance that got the audience on their feet.

The Atlanta-born rapper reflected on the finer things in life, mentioning wine and luxurious clothing, while also showing love to her sister, Brooklyn. The camera captured a touching moment with a photo of Latto and her sister as kids, accompanied by actors portraying the siblings rapping Latto’s lyrics.

Latto energized the crowd with her latest single, “Big Mama,” seamlessly integrating a snippet of her debut track, “Sunday Service,” where she took a dig at her rivals. She returned to “Big Mama” and called out other rappers who had to depend on TikTok dances for career success.

“Love when he calls me Big Mama, yeah, that get the c**chie wet/ H*e better stick to TikTokin’, mean that with all disrespect/ I was a virgin ‘fore I met you, baby, I don’t have an ex/ Thought I told you bi**es, I pull up in 20 Cadillacs/ Money long, cheetah thong, thick as hell, Georgia Dome,” she rapped with confidence and vigor.

Latto made history recently by becoming the first woman to headline Atlanta’s Birthday Bash concert. She took the stage on Saturday, June 22nd, bringing with her an impressive lineup of Atlanta’s Hip-Hop and R&B talents, as well as a few friends.

The performer list included notable names like Roscoe Dash, Crime Mob, Rasheeda, Mariah the Scientist, Summer Walker, Anycia, 21 Savage, and Usher. Usher, who is set to be honored at the 2024 BET Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award, paid tribute to Latto during her significant moment.

“You know, we have this thing that we do in Atlanta, where we just seem to keep making history,” the R&B star remarked. “Tonight, Latto made history, being the first female to [headline] Birthday Bash. We wanna give her, her flowers, one time.”

You can watch Latto’s electrifying performance above.

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