“Laugh Out Loud with Bitter Middle Age Friends: A Witty Comedy on Friendship!”

By: MRT Desk

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Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star in Platonic, a new comedy series available on Apple TV+. In their previous collaborations in the film diptych of Good Neighbors, they played a married couple navigating middle age. However, in Platonic, they portray best friends dealing with personal and work frustrations in their forties.

Byrne plays Sylvia, a former lawyer who decided to raise her three kids and manage her household with her husband Charlie, played by Luke Macfarlane. Despite not regretting her decision, she feels remorseful about her lack of job prospects and dwindling social life. Sylvia reaches out to her old friend Will (Rogen), whom she had a falling out with years before.

Will, on the other hand, lives without emotional ties and focuses on growing his work venture. Despite their different lifestyles, the two become complicit in sharing their frustrations and helping each other in unorthodox yet effective ways.

Platonic does not suggest any romantic relationship between Sylvia and Will but instead emphasizes the importance of finding someone to be oneself with. In this manner, the series highlights the importance of becoming friends with one’s bitterness and revealing one’s true essence with a trusted friend.

The honesty and humor of Platonic accompanies the pain of its protagonists, especially Sylvia. Despite her severe self-image, the series offers her a refuge in a symbiotic friendship. Overall, Platonic proposes a lifeline of relaxation at forty, as if it were twenty.

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