Laura Bozzo: Judge suspends preventive detention of the driver temporarily

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The driver Laura Bozzo She cannot be detained by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), for the time being, after a judge in Mexico granted her the provisional suspension of her preventive detention.

Juan Miguel Ortiz Marmolejo, Ninth District Judge of Amparo and federal trials in Mexico, determined to grant the precautionary measure, but for this he set a guarantee of 15 thousand dollars that the driver must cover before August 30 and thus the suspension prevails.

“In the event that, if the crime for which the requested precautionary measure was issued does not merit informal preventive detention, the effects of the concession are: so that things remain in the state they are currently kept and the complainant is not private of his personal freedom, that is, he refrains from materializing the internment ordered in the determination claimed as a result of the original criminal proceeding, until the appropriate resolution is resolved in the definitive suspension ”, It is detailed in the agreement published today by the judge.

Faced with this new legal situation of the Peruvian driver, different Mexican media have been replicating the information.

“A judge in Mexico grants the protection that his lawyers were requesting, ordering the provisional suspension of going to jail … the driver will have to pay 15 thousand dollars until she appears on August 30 for trial”, It was noted in the social network of “El gordo y la flaca”, a successful Telemundo program.

Last Wednesday, August 11, the controversial presenter was prosecuted for an alleged tax offense that exceeds 12 million pesos (602,004 dollars) when selling a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

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Said embargo was intended to guarantee the fulfillment of a debt for 13,769 million pesos (690,750 dollars) and by commercializing it, he incurred the crime of “unfaithful depositary” for which he could be punished from three to nine years in prison.

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