Laura Bozzo on Daniela Berriel: “If I could exercise, I would be the first to defend her for free” | VIDEO

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Laura Bozzo expressed solidarity with Daniela Berriel, who a few days ago announced that she would no longer continue with the legal process against Eduardo Ojeda for rape because he did not feel trust in the Mexican justice system, due to lack of money to pay the lawyers and because of the influence of the accused .

In statements to the Mexican press, the controversial presenter said she felt “Disappointed” of Mexican lawyers. There are good ones, as everywhere, but the truth is that there is a lot of profit (…) it seems that they will work so that you get into trouble, it is a thing of terror ”, He said.

“They are the worst scourge there can be, They take money from you, they get you in trouble and that is convenient for them to continue winning. They have let me down ”, added. When asked about her opinion that the actress “You had to desert your case”, his answer was forceful.

“It seems unfortunate to me, and I think it’s not fair, and I think If I could practice here (in Mexico) at this time, I would be the first to defend it for free as I have defended thousands of cases in Peru without charging anything “said the television host bluntly.

Let us remember that on March 5, Daniela Berriel denounced Eduardo Ojeda, friend of her ex-partner, actor Gonzalo Peña, for rape. According to the actress, her attacker abused her in 2020, during a trip to a beach in Guerrero, in Mexico, where they shared with other friends.

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The 27-year-old television figure said that she agreed to attend that meeting because she was invited by Peña and trusted that she would have a good time. However, he lived a nightmare and According to her testimony, her ex-partner witnessed the attack but did nothing to intervene.

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