Laura Bozzo receives preventive detention in Mexico for tax crime

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Laura Bozzo He received preventive detention for committing a tax crime that exceeds 12 million pesos, for which he must enter the Santiaguito Prison (Mexico).

According to the Mexican media, Bozzo sold a property that was seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) for 13 million 759 thousand pesos.

This tax offense is known as an unfaithful depositary and is punishable by a sentence of three to nine years in prison.

It is known that the Peruvian lawyer could not prove her domicile in that country and at the request of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), the judge in charge issued justified preventive detention for Laura Bozzo.

During the following hours, the television host must enter said prison at her own will. Three months ago, Bozzo presented an agreement to pay the tax debt and avoid jail.

Laura Bozzo He has not given any statements in this regard and there is little left until his 69th birthday.

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