Laurence Fishburne confirms she’s still in John Wick, but not the Matrix

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Fans of the John Wick franchise can breathe, Laurence Fishburne will still be in it. However, the news is not the same for Matrix lovers.

Despite having a career full of credits, an entire generation knew Laurence Fishburne and his performance thanks to Matrix. However, his career took an unexpected turn and now, at the gates of a next film in that saga, the actor does not confirm his return for it. To the disappointment of more than one, he gave his own statements.

In an interview with the medium Collider, the artist was questioned about several of his upcoming productions, which look quite promising. Future jobs for the celebrity in question include The Ice Road, where you will share screen with Liam Neeson and a film directed by Paul Feig. However, the expectations of the viewer, as well as those of the audience, were focused on other titles at the time of the conversation.

The journalist asked the interpreter for his continuity in the sequence of John Wick, to which he responded affirmatively. He will be in the fourth feature film playing the Rey Bowery, one more time. In addition, he revealed some details of what to expect from this production.

“I read the script. It’s really great. As much as it is the same world as the other three films, it is deeper. It’s much deeper in terms of the killer’s code and the relationship he has with a particular character who I think Mr. Watanabe is playing… It’s really the heart and soul. “he commented.

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But then again, it was not all good news for lovers of Fishburne’s work. When the communicator asked him if people still overwhelmed him with the question of whether he would be in Matrix 4 What Morfeo, he commented on how he felt.

“I completely understand. It would make sense for people to ask me that. It never goes out of style… I won’t be in the next Matrix movie. Tyou would have to ask Lonna Wachowski why, because I don’t have an answer for that ”, he asserted.

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