Law & Order and Grey’s Anatomy were left behind: audiences now prefer short series

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We are currently living in the middle of the era of streaming services, where we have multiple film and television titles for our entertainment, from the comfort of our homes. A recent survey of Spoiler revealed that audiences prefer to watch short series rather than those with many seasons. Is there a particular reason?

A symptom of our present seems to be to see everything we can in the shortest time possible, be it due to time issues or the daily need to enter social networks and find out about some detail that ruins our afternoon. So, it does not seem to matter sleeping fewer hours or waiting until a certain time for the premiere of some content and see it “before anyone else”.

This is known as Binge-watching, a term coined in the United States by Netflix to refer to the marathons of series in an excessive or compulsive way. Although this has attracted attention since the 90s with the sales of seasons in DVD format, by the second decade of the 21st century it exploded with the appearance of platforms and practically all of us have fallen into that trap.

Series like Grey’s Anatomy O Law and order These are exceptional cases and that in today’s standards would have less chance of surviving so long, regardless of their quality, since the viewer seeks to start and end in the time they have available. On the side of the movies, something similar happens, where the appeal passes more by its duration and not so much by who acts or who directs it.

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It’s about a moment in history when viewers want to spend their time in a certain way, and big companies know it. It is for this reason that platforms like Netflix, which know their subscribers well, tend to cut the episodes of the series, something that can be noticed with The Money Heist, which in Spain through Cadena 3 each episode was more than an hour long and in streaming it happened to have 40 minutes or less.

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