Leaked a short clip of Elden Ring showing a new look at the mobility and graphics of the video game

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While fans of superhero movies enjoyed the event DC FanDome 2021, the Elden Ring also had their own “party” of the video game, to call it that. Filtering a unofficial clip of few seconds would have allowed fans to see what the game’s gameplay looks like outside of official trailers.

The thirty second clip is set on a rocky hill near a destroyed castle and the large tree of light characteristic of the video game. After rotating the camera to provide a clearer view of the environment, we see the character jumping down the rocky hill, causing a pair of eagles to soar into the air in a flurry of feathers. In addition, we see the jump system, which would have changed from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, resembling more of Sekiro.

According to sources, the images were captured on an Xbox One, although their origin remains unconfirmed. Assuming it’s legitimate, the new images give us a best idea of ​​the Elden Ring movement, especially with regard to the form of the jump, as we have commented at the beginning of the news.

Otherwise, we still know as little about Elden Ring as we did before we saw the clip, despite the fact that it is just a few months away from its release. In an interview with MRT, the director Hidetaka Miyazaki described the open world and gameplay, but not much else has been shown in terms of official images.

Elden Ring continues to be one of the most anticipated video games, especially since it belongs to the SoulsBorne family, which includes the Dark Souls Trilogy, Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls, Demon’s Souls Remake and finally Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

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Elden Ring is scheduled for release on January 21, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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