Leaked audio reveals allegations of sexual misconduct towards minors at a shelter for immigrant children in Texas

Un audio filtrado destapa que hubo acusaciones de conducta sexual inapropiada hacia menores en un refugio para niños inmigrantes en Texas

A leaked audio reveals that there were cases of inappropriate sexual behavior towards interned children by employees of the government shelter for unaccompanied immigrant minors in Fort Bliss, in the state of Texas.

The audio, which was recorded at the facility during a training session in May and obtained by NBC News, also sheds light on the problem of a lack of clean clothes and shoes for minors.

“Yes we have inappropriately caught staff with minors“A federal contractor can be heard on the recording, who then asked if the employees rated it as normal and received the negative response from those present.” If you catch them, especially if it is a staff member, separate that minor of that person immediately, “he added.

In addition, NBC News released a recording that was made during another meeting, in which a shelter employee stated that “there is a concern about [el hecho de que] children have sex with each other and by possible sexual assault“to which a US Public Health Service doctor said the problem” has been on our radar from day one. “” This will always be a situation with which [usted] he is always grappling. There are processes to report, intervene, conduct interviews on the allegations, “he declared.

The doctor also addressed the issue of covid-19 outbreak in the installation, but could not reveal the number of infections. “Assume everyone has covid-19, act appropriately,” he said.

Authorities response

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States, Xavier Becerra, highlighted this Saturday that “they take every complaint seriously irregularity “and work” constantly to improve the conditions and services necessary to care for children “in shelters.

The leaked audio was released days after two federal officials dispatched to Fort Bliss, Arthur Pearlstein and Lauren Reinhold, on Wednesday. will present a complaint about mismanagement in the facility. In the document, among other things, they also complained that the magnitude of the coronavirus outbreak in Fort Bliss “was deliberately kept secret.”

In late March, the US Department of Defense gave the green light to the government’s request to house underage immigrants detained at the border in a temporary housing facility, which was to be built at Fort Bliss.

According to NBC News, some 3,000 were in the shelter at the time of the aforementioned training session, while in spring the number of sheltered children was around the 5.000.

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