Learn about the story behind “Lonely”, Bella Thorne’s single

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When Bella Thorne premiered “Lonely“It became one of the favorite songs by fans until then, but something that few knew is that it was her current fiancé who inspired her to write it. Benjamin Mascolo and the former Disney girl ventured into a long distance relationship where each other’s schedules interfered with communication.

As he said in an interview with Interview magazine, the lyrics of the song came to mind one night when he was up late “I was hot, lonely and my current boyfriend was not my boyfriend at the time. Basically he was not replying to my messages”. So that lack of communication was an input to record the song the next day.

A glance at the past will suffice to remember the criticism it received Bella Thorne from users on social networks who considered that the letter was too explicit. Even so, the 23-year-old star has always defended the right that all women have to express and manifest their sexuality.

“Being a woman is something very interesting. It definitely marks you for interesting circumstances. Especially when owning their sexuality, women have been told that it is terrible to feel this way. In general, we simply cannot be open with that kind of thing in which we are just anybody ”, reflected the actress, producer and director in the same talk.

Ever since he left the ranks of the Disney factory, Bella Thorne she decided to blaze her own path away from the “good girl” labels that were assigned to her as she passed through the company. She is currently one of the most recognized influencers on social networks and has an undeniable reign in OnlyFans.


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