Learn Something New! 10 Hobbies You Should Take Up This Fall

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From knitting to jigsaw puzzles, home workouts and DIY, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to slow down, take a step back and explore new hobbies – many of which cost next to nothing. But now, as things reset and the world gets back to what it was before those government-imposed lockdowns, many of us aren’t in a rush to return to life as it was and opt to continue pursuing those hobbies that kept entertained us while we lived in isolation.

Whether you feel the need to find a productive leisure activity or just want to find something fun to keep you entertained, here’s a list of great hobbies you should consider taking up as the seasons change and the cooler weather cools down. 

#1. Get Crafty

Unleash your creative genius or inner child by getting crafty. Whether you want to try scrapbooking, design your greeting cards or paint a masterpiece, arts and crafts are always a fun way to spend your time, regardless of how old you are. And remember, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a bunch of materials and tools; there are always fun craft projects that involve using things you already have around the house. 

#2. Pump Some Iron – Weight Training at Home

Whether you want to get ripped or just done up, studies show that strength training is the way to go. What’s more, these days, you don’t need to fork out on an expensive gym membership to look good. Invest in some weights and get pumping at home. Educate yourself using YouTube workout videos to ensure you’ve got the right technique and avoid injury. Even if you don’t want to invest in weights just yet, you can start using water bottles as dumbbells and work your way up to heavier weights. 

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#3. Unleash Your Inner Musician

Learning to create your own sound is a lovely way to spend some free time if you love music. So why not learn to play an instrument? Purchasing a piano might come at quite a cost, but you can pick up a second-hand guitar for next to nothing. Moreover, playing an instrument is proven to stimulate several important areas of the brain and can improve your hand-eye coordination, memory and mental health. 

#4. Learn How to Master the Skill of Gaming

Surprisingly, gaming tends to rank low or not even appear on such lists. More often than not, people associate hobbies with activities that are limited to outdoorsy environments or ones that need to be overtly ‘educational’. Very few Americans acknowledge the fact that playing games can enhance cognitive performance. This is irrespective of whether one wants to play video games on their favorite console or prefers to register at a licensed no deposit casino. Senior Writer at NoDepositFan, Michael Murdoch, who’s pretty well read on the subject, chimes in, stating that:

‘Studies have shown that engaging in and playing games can train your brain. Firstly, it keeps you alert and helps with role-playing. Another benefit is when switching between the mental and physical challenges in gameplay, this helps boost both cognitive activities as well as flexibility.’

#5.Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Staying in the tech world, creating your own online space via a YouTube channel is a great hobby that will not only boost your filmmaking capabilities but provide you with an exciting outlet for entertaining or educating others. Combine this with another hobby or interest, such as fitness, gaming or fashion and use these as a basis for the content on your channel. 

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Sure, it may seem complicated, but you’ll find loads of step-by-step tutorials online to get you started. Don’t be afraid to reach out to YouTube influencer communities for advice. 

#6. Learn A New Language

We live in a globalised world, where we are likely to interact with people from other countries in various different spheres of our lives, such as work, travel or hobbies. Learning a language is a useful skill that can help with these interactions. With that being said, learning a new language isn’t always easy, and if you want to see progress, you’ll need to put in the work over a long period of time. Thankfully, there are loads of resources out there for help. You can find an online study group, a formal language course or try an app like Duolingo. Whichever approach works for you, acquiring language skills can be fun as long as you stick with it!

#7. Cook Up A Storm

Sure, some people consider cooking more of a chore than a fun pastime, but if you’re a foodie, then cooking something new can be a relaxing and satisfying pastime. Experimenting with new ingredients or whipping up a batch of sweet treats can be a creative pursuit too. What’s more, making your own meals from scratch isn’t just a nice way to occupy your mind, but it’ll save you money too. 


Most of us live very fast-paced lives, and even when it comes to our hobbies, we feel pressured to be productive, which can add more stress. In a busy world, meditation provides a great avenue for giving yourself the opportunity to take some time out and live in the moment without any pressure to perform. It has great mental health benefits, too, so give it a go!

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#9. Podcasting

Most of us listen to podcasts these days. They can be a great way to stay informed on your favorite topics or just have a little bit of light entertainment. However, have you ever thought of creating your very own podcast? Podcasting is an engaging hobby that allows you to use your creativity and explore topics that interest you. Not only will creating a podcast series keep your mind active, but you’ll also acquire new skills such as audio editing. 

#10. Do Your Part For The Environment – Make An Ecobrick

There’s no doubt about it; the world is suffering from a single-use plastic problem. Do your bit to tackle this environmental problem and reduce plastic pollution by making eco bricks from old drink bottles and other plastic waste products. You can then find local organizations that use these eco-bricks for various building projects. 

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