Leave a letter indicating who could go to his funeral: the rest, continue as far as you were

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María Paz Fuentes Fernández is a woman from Spain who passed away earlier this month. Recently, went viral on social networks after a newspaper published the obituary where he authorized 15 people to attend his funeral, excluding his family with a harsh message.

“My family has not been by blood for a long time, I impose my last will so that only the people I mention below are allowed to attend my funeral, in the funeral home, church and cemetery”says the notice published in the newspaper El Progreso de Galicia.

After these first lines, you can read the name of the 15 people allowed at the wake: “Fina García Vásquez, Juan Pedro Tejero García, Antón Montenegro, Segundo Viñas, Carmelita, Julián Francés, Ana Tere Fernández, Ascensión Rodríguez, Susana, Silvia, Noelia, Pilar Lema, Ricardo, Juan …”.

Then, María Paz added another message: “To the rest of the people who never cared during my life, I wish you to continue as far as you were”.

It is unknown if his last wish was granted, but seeing the harshness of the text, it is possible to believe that it was.

The post was shared by a Twitter user and quickly went viral, earning 700 retweets and more than 2,600 likes. The publication caused a talk among users and several of them applauded the sincerity of the woman.

Article source: https://mag.elcomercio.pe/

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