LeBron James is coming to Fortnite as a skin; all we know

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After several rumors circulating through the networks, including leaked documents of the Epic Games trial against Apple, it is finally confirmed that the player of the NBA LeBron James will come to Fortnite in form of skin. We tell you everything we know about LeBron James, the next skin from Idol Series/Icon Series from Season 7 of Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2 just below:

Fortnite: LeBron James will have an Idol Series skin

On Saturday July 3, 2021, Reddit user HostessGlazedDonut posted the following image, in which a street artist performed a mural with the Fortnite logo, a crown and golden wings on a background, and the date 14/07/2021.

This mural was made in the city of Chicago, in United States. Here you have a photo in which it is seen in all its splendor:

This would be a teaser for the LeBron James skin, which would arrive in Fortnite on July 14, 2021. The reason that leads us to think this? The movie Space Jam: A New Era starring LeBron James alongside the Looney Tunes premieres July 16, a couple of days later. In this way, it would take full advantage of the media pull of both the player of the Lakers as from the movie itself.

The fact that a crown and wings are represented in the mural would also have to do with the nickname of LeBron James: King James (literally, “Rey James“). In fact, he uses this nickname himself in several of his social networks such as Twitter O Instagram.

Curling the curl a bit more with the latter, several new lines of English text were added to the game with the patch 17.10 that they would refer to LeBron James set and Fortnite:

  • Earn rewards by completing King’s Bling quests (Earn rewards by completing King’s Backpack missions.)
  • Items become more gold as you complete quests! Unlock a custom goldness slider when all quests are complete! (Items turn gold upon completion of missions! Unlock a gold slider when all missions are completed!).
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And finally, what has finished confirming the arrival of LeBron James is the fact that an active URL has appeared within the Fortnite website. Is about fn.gg/lebron; at the time we write this news is not active, although it takes us to the URL https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/es-ES/news/the-king-has-arrived-lebron-james-joins-fortnite-s-icon-series. Translating the message of the URL, we understand that it will be a news about LeBron James called “The King has arrived. LeBron James joins the Fortnite Idol Series“.

Let us remember that, as we commented in the introductory paragraph of the news, It was leaked in one of the Epic Games and Apple trial documents that LeBron James was one of the possible future Fortnite skins. For this reason, their arrival should not take us by surprise.

Here’s what, for now, we know about him skin LeBron James and Fortnite. As soon as we have official information, we will inform you again as strictly as possible.

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