Legends of Runeterra Masters European Champion Turkey

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32 teams participated in the championship organized for the strategic card game of Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra, as a result of the long qualifying stages. Competing in the tournament representing Turkey, GRANRODEO, Flying Protein and Fight4Revenge achieved an international victory by beating Ukraine in the semi-finals and Finland in the grand final.

The story of the European championship

Working as a team, GRANRODEO, Flying Protein and Fight4Revenge managed to take Turkey a place among the top 16 teams in Europe. Although Turkey placed 9th place with a good performance, it was in a tough group against 1st place Germany, 8th place Italy and the unpredictable 16th place Lebanon. Group A, which includes Turkey along with Germany, Italy and Lebanon, was one of the hardest groups to predict at the start of the tournament.

While everyone expected Germany to finish first in Group A by a wide margin during the participation stage, the group witnessed an unexpected start. Both Turkey and Lebanon managed to beat their rivals in higher rankings and to score one win each on the first day. Unexpected developments continued throughout the tournament and both Turkey and Lebanon retained their place in the top 8, eliminating Germany from the tournament.

Turkey’s dominant game during the tournament drew attention

Turkey’s dominance in the tournament always continued. Turkey’s representatives continued their success by eliminating the United Kingdom with a quick 2-0 victory in the quarter-finals, and defeated the tournament favorite Spain in the semi-finals and faced Ukraine, which came out of Group B. Ukraine won the first game, placing two wins between Turkey and the finals. Putting two wins on its head, Turkey managed to write its name in the final and faced Finland on the last straight.

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They wrote their names in history

Both teams struggled relentlessly, demonstrating unmatched skill in both their clean and calculated moves and their strategy for squad building, picks, and bans phase.

With Turkey one win away from the championship point, both teams locked their Zoe-Vi selections and the fate of the tournament was about to be determined over the same two decks. While the decks are very similar, the game plans of the two countries couldn’t be more different. Finland took a board-oriented approach and with Cosmic Inspiration tried to strengthen its units and put pressure on pure base values. Turkey followed a strategy focused on Invocation, and with Yıldızyapan, which she used early on, she amassed an army of high mana value threats to use in the late game to win the game. In the end, Turkey’s strategy and game plan prevailed and they won the 3rd game and with a 3-0 dominant victory, they made history as the champion of LoR Masters Europe: Chronicles of Shurima.

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