LEGO Super Mario 64 is block-shaped and hides the worlds of the classic

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Nintendo 64 was not the most successful console of the Kyoto company, but it did leave several video games to remember. With permission from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 was a video game that strongly impacted the video game industry. More than twenty years after its launch, the LEGO Group and Nintendo have announced a new toy that will delight fans, LEGO Super Mario 64? Block.

This new pack will be available from October 1 at a recommended price of 169,99 euros, indicate from the company.

According to the press release, this new kit includes several microfigures based on the mythical characters of the video game, which are “located in detailed scenes.” Among these protagonists are of course the same plumber (or ex-plumber, according to Nintendo) and Princess Peach. LEGO also remembers that those who want to enjoy a more interactive experience can purchase LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi, which include a figure with its own music and sound.

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A tribute to Mario 64

“We know that Super Mario fans love the LEGO Super Mario experience. We wanted to take advantage of even more elements of the traditional game to capture the immersive gaming experience of Super Mario 64, ”said Pablo González González, Lead Designer at LEGO Group.

“It’s hard to imagine the Super Mario universe without the iconic levels full of secrets,” he continues. “With this incredible pack, we are influencing the LEGO Super Mario game experience, in order to convey some nostalgia for all those who played Super Mario 64, but also to introduce these wonderful levels to new audiences ”who are getting close to the character for the first time.

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Super Mario 64 was relaunched on Nintendo Switch by the hand of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a compilation that was marketed in the heat of the 35th anniversary of the saga, but which has already been withdrawn from the market.

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