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Lena Dunham on Why She Feels ‘Protective’ of Friend Taylor Swift

Lena Dunham always has Taylor Swift’s back. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, the former Girls actress, 38, opened up about her protective instincts over Swift, 34. The two have been friends for more than a decade, and Dunham feels a deep sense of responsibility towards her famous friend.

“I’m always very careful to be protective of her in every single way,” Dunham shared. “Probably the two things I get asked most in life are ‘What is Taylor like?’ and ‘Can I have tickets to the Eras Tour?’ And usually my answer to both things is no.”

Despite the questions about their friendship, Dunham chose not to divulge too many details about Swift. However, she did offer a glimpse into Swift’s character. “She’s everything that you would want her to be. She’s kind, she’s devoted, she’s introspective, she’s emotional, she’s funny as f**k,” Dunham said.

“I guess my feeling sometimes is, ‘Isn’t she giving us enough, guys?'” Dunham remarked, indicating her admiration for Swift’s extensive contributions.

Supporting Swift professionally, Dunham attended her Eras Tour in both Boston and Pittsburgh. “I like to sometimes go to the cities that are a little bit more off the beaten path. I was telling Lu before we went, ‘Listen, you’ve never seen me like this,'” Dunham said about her husband, Luis Felber, whom she married in 2021. “It’s like something comes through me — it’s my church. I start speaking in tongues.”

Dunham has always felt a deep connection to Swift’s music. “Even since before Taylor and I were friends, I just always had felt such a deep connection to her music,” she continued. “Something unique to only me, obviously. I’ve seen every tour she’s ever done. I love seeing a woman who’s not yet 40 being like, ‘Yes, I have a body of work.’ What I find inspiring is her acknowledgment of her own prolific expression.”

Their friendship began in 2012 over social media. Since then, Dunham has publicly supported Swift, who played a significant role in her personal life by serving as a bridesmaid at Dunham’s wedding.

Apart from discussing her bond with Swift, Dunham also shared some updates about her career. She revealed that she won’t be starring in her new Netflix series, Too Much, choosing instead to stay behind the camera. This contrasts with Swift, who remains very much in the spotlight as she continues her Eras Tour.

Recently, Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, joined her onstage during a show, marking a new milestone in their relationship. “It was definitely a new, defining point in their relationship and they had a blast getting the chance to share a personal side of themselves with the world,” a source previously told ET about the surprise appearance. “They are so happy with how everything turned out and loved seeing all the fan reactions.”

The source added, “They are a naturally bonded pair. It was a very special experience for them and also hints at what their future might hold together.”

Source: The New Yorker, ET