Leona Lewis Opens Up About Seeking Counseling as a New Mother

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Leona Lewis welcomed her daughter, Carmel Allegra, in August 2022 with her husband, Dennis Jauch. However, as excited as she was to become a mother, the experience was far from easy. Lewis experienced a difficult pregnancy, leaving her exhausted and worried about the well-being of her newborn.

The singer was so nervous about taking care of her little one that she turned to psychotherapy for help. She found herself getting anxious and staying up at night, unable to rest while her daughter was napping.

After speaking with a counselor, Lewis started making progress in healing emotionally and physically. However, it took several months for the singer to feel like herself again.

During that time, Lewis talked to her friends and moms about her struggles and felt a sense of relief knowing she wasn’t alone. She found that taking small moments to breathe and trust other people to help her was crucial to her well-being.

Lewis’s motherhood journey has been a wild and crazy ride, but with counseling and support from loved ones, she was able to make it through the challenging early days of motherhood.

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