Leonardo DiCaprio and Neelam Gill: Just Friends, Not Dating

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British model Neelam Gill has put an end to the rumors that she and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio are dating. In a statement on her Instagram Story, Gill clarified that she is not DiCaprio’s ‘new flame’ and that she is actually in a committed relationship with one of his good friends. She explained that the reason they have been seen together is because she has been in the same vicinity as DiCaprio due to her partner. Gill hopes that her statement clears up all the false stories surrounding their relationship.

This clarification comes after Gill and DiCaprio were spotted together on multiple occasions, including yachting trips in Sardinia and St. Tropez. They were also seen having dinner together in Paris. However, sources had previously stated that Gill was not dating DiCaprio and was instead seeing one of his friends.

While Gill has denied any romantic involvement with DiCaprio, the actor has been linked to another supermodel, Gigi Hadid. Recent reports suggest that DiCaprio and Hadid are ‘definitely dating’ and have been seen together at various parties and events. However, their relationship is said to be more flirtatious than serious, with both parties enjoying each other’s company but not expecting it to lead anywhere.

It seems that DiCaprio’s love life continues to be a topic of interest, with fans and media speculating about his relationships. However, it is important to remember that celebrities are entitled to their privacy and that not everything reported in the media is accurate. Gill’s statement serves as a reminder to not jump to conclusions based on paparazzi photos and rumors. As for DiCaprio, only time will tell who he is truly dating and whether he will settle down with someone in the near future.

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