Leonardo DiCaprio and the healthy habit of playing real characters

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Leonardo Dicaprio is synonymous with talent. He began his Hollywood career at a very young age, at a time when many believed that his physical attractiveness meant that recognition, which finally came and had little to do with his look. Awards? He won the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Screen Actors Guild Award. His performances have crossed different genres, but always with the conviction of leaving everything in each role. DiCaprio does not save anything when it comes to acting!

Along the way he was selected for various roles. Many stand out, but in this case we are going to mention the opportunities in which the actor showed a healthy habit within his career: interpret real life people. The names that Leonardo chose to impersonate did important things. They deserve to be remembered. For better or for worse, these are interesting stories.

+ The 6 roles of Leonardo DiCaprio based on real people

6. Jim Carrol

Of the movie Basketball Diaries. Leo was 21 years old when he had to interpret the life of this writer, poet and musician who lived immersed in excesses. The film focuses on Carrol’s adolescence and his sexual experiences, as a basketball player and a heroin addict. DiCaprio shocked!

5. Frank Abagnale Jr.

Of the movie Catch Me If You Can. It tells the story of a successful scammer who at the age of 19 had already reached a millionaire sum of dollars with his illicit activity. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and tells how this character was able to deceive the system with false checks and identities of doctor, pilot and lawyer. Safety pin!

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4. Howard Hughes

Of the movie The Aviator. Another director who knows how to make a mark: Martin Scorsese, chose Leo for a not easy role. The complicated life of the aviator and filmmaker who at the same time had to deal with his fragile mental health. Howard tested his aircraft prototypes himself, putting his physical integrity at risk. He also had an interesting romantic life. DiCaprio surprised.

3. J. Edgar Hoover

Of the movie J. Edgar. Himself Clint Eastwood selected Leo to play J. Edgar Hoover. Much makeup and the controversial history of the director of the FBI who remained in that position from the beginning of the office until after 48 years, going through different periods of the political life of the United States, such as the manhunt of communists within the country.

2. Jordan Belfort

Of the movie The wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese returns to direct DiCaprio who this time gives life to a New York stockbroker who through questionable techniques achieves a spectacular promotion to later be investigated for fraud in a case that would involve the mafia. One of the most celebrated performances of the interpreter who used all his histrionics to personify Belfort.

1. Hugh Glass

Of the movie The reborn. The film earned him the award Oscar for Best Actor. In this case, Leo put himself at the feet of a guide who after a fierce attack by a bear is abandoned by the group of people who accompany him. The story of Glass would become a myth thanks to a novel that served as the inspiration for the film.

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