Leonardo DiCaprio rewrote the best scene 15 times

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Every time there is less for Don’t Look Up have your big premiere in Netflix. And the expectation is enormous because the film brings together the most recognized Hollywood stars, among which they stand out as leading figures Leonardo DiCaprio y Jennifer Lawrence. A few days after the launch, more and more details are leaking about the film and one of the ones that attracted the most attention had to do with the best scene you will have Don’t look up.

Directed by Adam McKay, it will be a satire on the crisis of climate change. In this sense, a very transcendental theme with comedy overtones will be played. And DiCaprio did not want to be left out of such a project: in fact, he was in charge of writing some scenes that will be seen in the feature film. After winning the Oscar Award for The reborn, also available on Netflix, the actor returns to the ring with this particular proposal.

The story stars two astronomers who try to warn society about a impending catastrophe: An asteroid the size of Everest is about to hit the Earth completely, eliminating all of humanity. However, the president of the United States does not take it very seriously and forces them to look for alternatives to make the news known. This leads them to a television show called The Daily Rip.

Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Rob Morgan, Joah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi, Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Chiklis y Tomer Sisley These are just some of the figures that will parade across the screen in cinemas and on the streaming platform. And apparently, for the story to be perfectly told, it had to be rewritten a few times.

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In dialogue with Vanity Fair, the scriptwriter and director said that Leonardo DiCaprio proposed that his character have a speech “crazy as hell” in one of the scenes. Together they got together to prepare it. After rewrite it about 15 times, they found there the funniest scene of the whole movie. According to McKey himself, it was the improvisation work of the cast that gave great virtuosity to Don’t Look Up.

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