Leticia Perdigón: Breaking Barriers as an Actress Beyond the ‘Sex Symbol’ Stereotype

Leticia Perdigón: The Sexualization of an Actress

Leticia Perdigón is an actress whose name often goes viral on social media platforms. Accompanying these mentions is a photo of Perdigón from when she was 17 or 18 years old, promoting the film “La otra virginidad” in which she starred alongside Meche Carreño and Valentín Trujillo, under the direction of Juan Manuel Torres.

Before the film’s premiere, Perdigón did a provocative photo session wearing a shirt with the film’s name and the slogan “Dare to lose… The other virginity”. This image has led many to suggest that she presented herself as a sex symbol in the mid-1970s. However, Perdigón herself downplays this title given to her by fans.

Perdigón, a three-time Ariel nominee, reminisces that during the photo session, the shirt was loose on her because she was very thin. She even had to wet it a little to stick it to her body. She explains that her intention was simply to promote the movie and she never imagined that someone would objectify her as a sexual object.

Throughout her career, Perdigón has been aware of the sexualization she experienced due to that image, which was perpetuated when she appeared in adult films that used explicit nudes under the guise of liberating and uncovering the female body. However, she never believed compliments about her physique, knowing that beauty is fleeting.

Perdigón’s family played a significant role in shaping her career aspirations. Despite her initial desire to become a singer, her eldest brother encouraged her to focus on acting. He believed she had the potential to be a great actress, and his advice propelled her in that direction.

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Indeed, Perdigón has proven her talent and versatility throughout her career, with over 100 credits in soap operas, series, and movies. She has participated in various television programs and has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the TVyNovelas Awards and Ariel Awards.

Recently, as Perdigón’s viral photo from “The Other Virginity” resurfaced, a fan decided to change the narrative and pay tribute to her other impressive projects in the entertainment industry. Perdigón remains grateful for the recognition, emphasizing her preference for acting over nudity in her personal life.

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