Let’s Build a Zoo, build the zoo of your dreams, or the one of your nightmares

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Under the No More Robots label (Yes, Your Grace, Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) and developed by a little-known but prolific Singapore-based studio, Springloaded, comes a proposal that may interest lovers of management games in general and animal lovers in particular. Under the crystalline name of Let’s Build a Zoo, the idea is precisely to create and maintain a zoo from the first stone. We will manage budgets, define areas for each animal, buy equipment and hire staff in order to create profitable, respectful and educational (or just profitable) facilities.

As the owner of the park, we will have to balance between the needs of the animals in our care (food, hydration, happiness, reproduction …) while attending to the demands of the public so that the income is sustained. There is a wide range of facilities and equipment that we can acquire, in addition to more than 500 animals that we can house, although that is the tip of the iceberg. One of the curiosities of this game is in the possibility of crossing all those kinds of animals playing to be god with the genetic code, so we will have about 300,000 combinations with results as extravagant as the Chickcow (mixture of cow and hen) or the cute Crocoduck (crocodile and duck), all with their own idiosyncrasies as a result of the crossing of traits.

PC release: November 5

For the attentive reader you would not have noticed already, Let’s Build a Zoo it’s not what a simulator says, so a multitude of licenses are allowed in order to entertain and give the player options. An aspect that has only been mentioned in passing, but that is present in the presentation trailer, is that we do not have to be a passionate animalist defender of fauna and flora. If what we want is to earn money and we don’t care how, we can set up lucrative fur or exotic meat businesses to create nightmarish places.

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With adorable graphics and the promise of a wide variety of possibilities, Let’s Build a Zoo presents itself as a promising option for lovers of the genre. It was recently announced that it will be released November 5 for PC Steam (and eventually in other stores and formats, later).


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