“Letter from an Afghan Girl”: Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram to Share Stories from the People of Afghanistan

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Actress and activist Angelina Jolie joined Instagram on Friday with the purpose, she said, of helping to share stories and “the voices of those around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights,” beginning with the extreme emergency situation that arises. is living in Afghanistan.

At 46, Jolie launched her account in a surprising way: with a series of three photographs titled “A letter from an Afghan girl”, in which she shares the writing of a girl who, from Afghanistan, talks about the fear she feels at the arrival of the Taliban, while denouncing the outburst of her dreams and the violation of her rights.

“Before the Taliban came in … we all had rights, we could defend our rights freely, but when they arrived, We are all afraid of them and we think that all our dreams are gone. We believe that our rights have been violated, “the girl writes in her letter.” We cannot go out. Studying and working is a long way off. Some people say that the Taliban have changed, but I don’t think so because they have a very bad past, “he continues to talk in a row about the situation in the country and his fear of not being able to go back to school.

In the text that accompanies her publication, the American actress states that, right now, people in Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate and express themselves freely, reason that decided to enter that social network. “Like others who are committed, I will not back away. I will continue to look for ways to help. And I hope you will join me,” he wrote.

He recounted his own experience from 20 years ago and the heartbreaking situation facing the people of Afghanistan today. “It is disgusting to see Afghans being displaced once again by the fear and uncertainty that have gripped their country. Spending so much time and money, spilling blood and losing lives just to get to this is a failure almost impossible to understand“, he concluded.

* The Taliban movement, designated as a “terrorist organization” by the UN Security Council, is declared a terrorist group and prohibited in Russia.

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