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Liam Gallagher criticizes and insults Neymar on Twitter

The British singer is irritated by the “foul play” that Neymar uses to fake fouls, as in the Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City match.

Liam Gallagher used Twitter to attack, criticize and insult Neymar Jr during the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

The former Oasis vocalist is a staunch supporter of the British team, so during the game that was played against the French league team, he did not stop to vent against the Brazilian player through that social network, who is known for his tricks to be favored by referees.

Gallagher called him ‘dirty’, mentioned that he was probably drugged, and was upset because according to him Neymar publicly mocks everyone.

And is that much of the game Paris Saint-Germain dominated the game, but finally Manchester City was the winner.

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