Life is Strange series continues with Shawn Mendes production

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At the time it was announced that the popular saga of Dontnod Entertainment, Life is Strange -whose latest installment, True Colors, we have already seen – would have his own television series, although since then little news has been had about said project. Such is the absence of news that everything seemed to indicate that this series was in an already long hiatus, although luckily, this week we have been able to learn more about this approach of Life is Strange to television.

Thus, the production companies Anonymous Content, dj2 Entertainment and Legendary Television will be behind the project, with the latter in the role of leader of the project. While, Among a wide group of executive producers, the name of the popular pop singer Shawn Mendes stands out, who will also supervise the musical section of the series.

Obviously, it follows that this series is still in a very early phase, and it is not even announced which of the games released so far in the franchise this will be based on, or indeed, if it will even be a completely original story.

Dontnod’s star franchise

The first installment of Life is Strange dates from 2015, being so far the most successful franchise of a French studio, Dontnod Entertainment, which has other games such as Vampire, Remember Me O Twin Mirror. After that, his prequel Before The Storm would arrive, Life is Strange 2 and soon it will Life is Strange: True Colors.

However, this next iteration will be handled by Deck Nine Games, which despite debuting in the franchise, will maintain its hallmarks, including the supernatural powers of its protagonist, Max Chen. This one doesn’t have a specific release date yet.

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