Life is Strange: True Colors details emotions and their empathetic language

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Life is Strange: True Colors is the new main installment of this narrative adventure saga, a series started by Dontnod Entertainment that now continues in the hands of the North American Deck Nine Games. The particularity of this chapter is that Alex, the new protagonist, is able to read people’s emotions and act accordingly. In a new post on the official PlayStation blog, narrative director Jonathan Zimmerman has delved into this question.

“Emotions are expressed with auras that surround the characters that can explode into novae of light and color when emotions get out of control. Each of these experiences transform Alex’s world, which offers their valuable perspective to other people, but with fear of consuming their own conscience, ”he explains. In the development study, they pondered how to capture something as abstract as emotions or feelings. In the end, they ended up approaching each nova as a unique experience. They created “four general categories of emotions.”

These are the four emotions of Life is Strange: True Colors

  • Sadness: Sadness is expressed with a fluid and domineering blue aura. Within a nova of sadness, the world turns blue-gray. As if a storm cloud had covered the sun. Everything seems rougher, darker and sadder. You can witness firsthand how Alex watches Steph mourn Gabe’s death.
  • Afraid: Fear is expressed in a purple aura that swoops down, like an EKG monitor. Inside a scary nova, the world is filled with jagged lines and dark shadows. The player will be able to hear his heartbeat. There will be scares around every corner. While looking into the depths of the abyss, you will also be able to see monsters staring at her. Alex takes a look at his fears in Haven Spring while Mac is overwhelmed by what happened after Gabe’s death.
  • Fury: Anger expresses itself as a violent red that flashes like a flame. Inside a nova of fury, the world is intense and hot. The lights and sounds are louder and the movements become violent. The player will be able to hear a short, shallow heartbeat. The world seems like the adrenaline rush of a clenched fist. Anger hits Alex as he witnesses Steph having a tense conversation on the phone, while they involuntarily mimic Steph’s same frustrated gestures.
  • Joy: Joy is expressed with a golden aura that shines like a solar halo. Within an aura of joy, the world seems like a bubble full of love and laughter. An explosion of color, pleasant sounds. Memories are tinged with glitter and the present seems to have no limits. Joy brings Alex back to Gabe’s farewell party on the Flower Bridge with the entire Haven Spring community, watching the lantern lights drift into the darkness of the sky.
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Life is Strange: True Colors is going on sale next September, 10th en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, PC y Google Stadia.

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