Life is Strange: True Colors shows us the streets of Haven Springs; new trailer

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Life is Strange: True Colors hits the market in just over a month. This is the third installment of a saga that has managed to settle in the narrative genre, and this time it will take us through Haven Springs, a fictional town with a mining tradition, located in the mountains of Colorado, United States. With the intention of sharing some details and showing us a glimpse of its streets, the official account of the game has published a new trailer a modo tour.

Life is Strange: True Colors and the power of feeling

We are not going to be surprised to see a superpower in the saga, but the gift it has is still curious Alex Chen, la protagonista de Life is Strange: True Color, which has the power to identify what the people around you feel (emotions). The title’s narrative director, Jonathan Zimmerman, recently explained how they work: “Emotions are expressed with auras surrounding the characters that can explode into novae of light and color when emotions get out of control. Each of these experiences ”, he commented.

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There are four types of emotions: sadness, anger, fear and joy. Each one of them wears a distinctive color, Alex is able to read them and only she – and us – will have to decide how to act before any character and the state in which he is. For example, when we are in front of someone who is afraid, we can hear the heartbeat of the protagonist and the screen will show dark and threatening effects. You can check the details about these mechanics in the following link.

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Life is Strange: True Colors will be available next September, 10th en PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y Google Stadia.

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