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Lifetime presented Arrebatada de sus Brazos with Judy Reyes and Fátima Molina as protagonists

Lifetime, the subscription television channel in the United States, is preparing for its next premiere. Once again, under the motto “movies for women, made by women”, Now comes a new project: Snatched from their arms. This film, which will be published on October 30 in the USA and soon in Latin America, has as protagonists Judy Reyes and Fatima Molina.

Snatched from their arms It is a film that tells a true story and comes at a critical moment. In order to capture the problems that Latinos experience when they arrive at the border with the United States, Lifetime tells the well-known case of Cindy Madrid. This woman was separated, in 2018, from her six-year-old daughter when she crossed to her neighboring country.

Therefore, to tell your experience and your feelings when talking about a true case, Judy Reyes and Fátima Molina performed at an exclusive Lifetime event in which Spoiler was present. In a virtual way, the television network presented the actresses after showing a trailer of Snatched from their arms and certain fragments of each of them.

And, after being presented in style, Reyes and Molina got ready to talk about the film and answer questions about the social problems that Latinos experience. “It has been an honor to do something that has mattered so much to the Latino community, especially living here in the USA. As a mother, as a daughter, as a Latina, it is not possible to feel oblivious to a problem like that.”Judy began by explaining who will play Thelma García, an immigration attorney who worked to bring the protagonists together.

I am proud to play a role like Thelma, who is a real person. I had the opportunity to chat with her several times and she has been a hero to me because she has dedicated her entire life to bringing parents and children together.”Reyes declared about his character. Later, Fatima Molina joined the response and said: “Although we are actresses and a large part of our work is to entertain, we also achieve empathy and social awareness. As a Mexican, as a Latina it seemed very important to be able to perform a role like this”.

Molina will give life to Cindy Madrid, the mother from whom her daughter is taken away and on which this story is based. And, according to his words, Snatched from their armsit’s a great story to ponder”. In addition, for Fatima this film is intended to raise awareness and generate empathy among viewers. “I hope everyone takes the opportunity to see this story, to spread the word, to empathize and realize that this is just one story of the thousands that pass every day.”, He explained

For its part, Judy Reyes assured that the film is about “a skit about things that are still happening”. The actress is one of the most versatile in the film industry and this time she played one of the most sentimental characters of her career. “It was super intense, but sometimes you get so wrapped up in work that you don’t realize the emotional impact it has. Reflecting that gives me a lot of emotion, one cries a lot without knowing why and then you realize that it is because of what you have been interpreting that day, reflecting the injustice”, He sentenced at the exclusive Lifetime event.

Then, to close, both interpreters made it clear that Snatched from their arms it’s just one example of the real problem. “We want to continue raising our voices, these types of problems are what we really have to make visible“, Said Molina to which Reyes added:”if one does not speak it, it does not exist”.

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