Like Benjamin Button: a teenager died with the body of a 144-year-old woman

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Like Benjamin Button: a teenager died with the body of a 144-year-old woman

The story of Ashanti Smith, went viral on social networks, due to its similarities with the movie “The curious case of Benjamin Button.” It is a 18 year old teenager what died last Saturday after suffering a progressive genetic disorder that causes premature aging of children so it had the body of a 144 year old womandespite his young age.

The sad news was made known by her mother, Phoebe Louise Smith, from West Sussex, England, who argued that his daughter was fired in a pleasant and cheerful way, as he would have liked. Ashanti suffered from rare disease called progeria -also known as Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome– with whom he was eight years old for each one of his life. His condition began in the first two years of life, with slow growth and hair loss.

“She struggled, but she said, ‘Mom, I love you. You have to let me go, ‘”said the woman who was the last words of the little girl that despite his physical age, he still kept a cheerful and social spirit that characterized her among her friends, according to theDaily Mail”.

As revealed by Phoebe, she decided to pay him a joyful and thematic tribute, as her daughter refused to allow the disease to affect her “loud and beautiful” spirit that characterized her.

“Ashanti’s life was a joy. Although Progeria affected his mobility, it did not alter anything else. She was a typical 18 year old girl and I loved everything about her. She was brilliant; he said what he thought. Everyone loved and adored that girl. He touched many hearts with his willpower, ”said the woman.

The day Ashanti passed away, her family assured that she was in good health. “I was walking, eating KFC, walking in the park, absolutely fine. Then it all came suddenly and lasted about half an hour. The condition gave him arthritis and led to heart disease and heart failure. Died of heart failure and natural causes” Phoebe said.

Last Monday, the family, who have three more children, gave him a heartfelt tribute to the little fighter. “We put 150 helium balloons in it and a £ 400 fireworks display, then we made 300 lanterns. The funeral will be gay and BTS (themed). She has four pure white horses, and gay feathers and flags and BTS posters were used, “added the mother and said that the teenager identified with the LGBT community.

Progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome

The progeria is a progressive disorder consisting of a stunted growth, below average height and weight. It manifests itself through the narrow face, small lower jaw, thin lips and aquiline nose. Another feature in which it is manifested is the head disproportionately large for the face and the size of the body; hair loss, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Thin, blotchy skin and wrinkled, visible veins and high-pitched voice.

Signs and symptoms also include health problems such as severe progressive heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease. Tightening and tightening of the skin in the trunk and limbs (similar to scleroderma); delayed tooth formation and abnormal and some degree of hearing loss, loss of fat under the skin and loss of muscle mass; skeletal abnormalities and brittle bones, stiff joints and hip dislocation.

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