Like Joey King and Jacob Elordi in The Kissing Stand: actors who had to work with their ex-partner

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Joey King Y Jacob Elordi they starred The Kisses Stand, one of the most popular sagas of youth films in recent years, which just ended less than a week ago with the premiere of the third film on the streaming service Netflix. Both actors were a couple at the time, but they separated before the second installment, so they had to work on two films after having an affair and without the intention of doing so., as it was considered as “a sacrifice” on the part of the interpreter of Elle. Look at the list of celebrities who went through the same situation!

+ More actors who had to work with their ex-partner

-Jennifer Aniston y Tate Donovan

Donovan played Joshua, Rachel’s boyfriend on Friends, at a time when they were a couple in real life, but right then they were breaking up. The actor said it was “like dying inside” in 2018, a long time later.

-Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere

The actors met on the 2006 series Heroes and began dating a year earlier, although the romance lasted two years. The bad news for both of them was that there was still one more season left, so they had to act as if nothing had happened. Following this experience, Ventimiglia vowed that she would never date a co-star again.

-Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Stewart and Pattinson formed one of the most popular youth courtships of the moment, after they met in the Twilight saga in 2008. However, things ended very badly, since she cheated on him with Rubert Sanders, director of the film in the one who was working. The two had to meet again to shoot and the situation was uncomfortable.

-Kaley Cuoco y Johnny Galecki

One of the most striking cases is that of the members of The Big Bang Theory. They revealed in 2010 that they were dating for two years and completed the series as an ex. Unlike others, they ended up being very good friends and Galecki was even one of the guests at Cuoco’s wedding to Karl Cook.

-Michael C. Hall y Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter joined Hall and Carpenter in 2009 to the point where they were married, although they filed for divorce just two years later. Already separated they had to work in the last two seasons of the program and they always stated that there was respect between the parties.

-Charlize Theron y Sean Penn

Two of the great Hollywood stars were in a relationship for two years, after a time when they were only friends. The story came to an end while filming the movie The Last Face in 2016, where Penn was the director, and they had to go public to promote the film.

-Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

When Cameron was in his best years of career he met Timberlake, but it is said that due to age difference they decided to break the relationship. Years later they found themselves on the recording set of Bad Teachings, although without bad memories. “We are two people working who happened to go out together at another time in our lives,” Diaz said.


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