Like Loki: other Marvel characters who are bisexual

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Episode 3 of the series Loki on the streaming service Disney+ left us with a big reveal that fans were waiting for: the protagonist of the story was openly bisexual and is the first to do so within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is why here we will review which are the other characters in the franchise that were declared in the same way. Look who they are!


Elizabeth Braddock was born in England and is the sister of Brian Braddock or Captain Britain. In Daredevils # 3 he works for the government organization STRIKE and dyes his hair purple, but upon reaching the X-Men he returns to his characteristic color. She is openly bisexual and has had relationships with both men and women. She was a couple of Arcángel (man) and then Cluster (woman).


Maxwell Dillon from the great Spider-Man villains, whom we will see again in No Way Home played by Jamie Foxx. In the comics he was portrayed as bisexual: in Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 2 reveals that he had some experiences during his last stay in prison, which showed a new side to him.


Irene Adler is one of the main female characters of the X-Men, as well as one of the most powerful villains, especially in the editions of the 80s. She is also declared bisexual, although we met more than one female couple, which we will speak to continuation.


Raven Darkhölme is also part of this list and has known how to use her ability to change into any form she wanted more than once. She had several male and female lovers, but no one compared to Irene Adler, with whom she led the Brotherhood of Mutants for a time.

+ Ms. America

When Marvel began to launch its line of comics focused on the Latin community, América Chávez appeared and is defined as a bisexual teenager who usually wears clothes that are very reminiscent of Captain America.

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