Like Martin Scorsese: Denis Villeneuve, director of Dune, also criticizes Marvel

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Dune It is one of the great premieres of 2021, after its launch was delayed more than a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Who is behind this new adaptation of the mythical science fiction novel is Denis Villeneuve, one of the most outstanding directors of his generation. In addition to his movie, recently he also spoke of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and gave a harsh definition.

One of the first to give a harsh opinion against the MCU was the great Martin Scorsese at the end of 2019, when he explained that he could not see the tapes that make up the franchise because they are not cinema. “The closest I can think of to them, as well done as they are, with the actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, it’s in the amusement parks, assured the director of multiple classics in the history of cinema.

The next feature film by Villeneuve It is based on the literary work of Frank Herbert, which was already brought to the big screen by David Lynch, although the fans were not very happy and expect a rematch with this new premiere. Currently the filmmaker is promoting the Warner Bros. production and gave interviews to various media, such as The world from Spain.

In this recent interview he differentiated Dune as bluckbuster of the projects Marvel, ensuring that almost all of them look alike. “Perhaps the problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel movies that they are nothing more than a “cut and paste” of othersexplained Denis. He then claimed that superhero tapes are affecting the public: “Maybe these kinds of movies have turned us into zombies a bit … But big and expensive movies of a lot of value there are so many nowadays”.

“The film has been dreamed, designed, made, shot, thinking about the big screen, in IMAX. When you see it there it is a physical experience. We tried to make a film that was as immersive as possible and for me, the big screen is part of language “, stated about Dune, which will hit theaters around the world on October 15th. It is expected to be well received by the audience, as a second part is being planned and will begin shooting in 2022.

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