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Lil Yachty Opens Up About Friendship with Drake in Candid Interview

Lil Yachty Opens Up About Friendship with Drake in Candid Interview

Lil Yachty Opens Up About Friendship with Drake in Candid Interview

In the wake of podcaster Bobbi Althoff’s hilarious and revealing interview with Drake, for the latest edition of her “Really Good Podcast” she sits down with one of his best buds: rapper Lil Yachty.

During the conversation, he opens up about his friendship with Drake after being asked how “deep” their conversations tend to get.

“Very deep, like centre of the Earth,” he explained, as reported by Complex.

Asked if Drake is his best friend “in the world,” he responded, “I wouldn’t say ‘in the world’ but he’s definitely, like, top three.”

Althoff also pointed out that Drake had paid for her flight ahead of their interview, something that Yachty didn’t do.

“He has f**king 50 times more money than me. What are you talking about?” Yachty fired back. “I tell him that all the time. He buys my planet tickets.”

Admitting that Drake is “f**king filthy rich,” Yachty is planning to follow a similar trajectory when asked if he thinks he’ll ever achieve Drake-level wealth.

“I hope so. I plan on it,” he said. “I’m manifesting it. He’s also been doing music for, like, 14 years longer than me.”

The most hilarious moment in the podcast arrived when Yachty received a call from none other than Drake, although the contents of their conversation weren’t revealed, with music playing over the video call.

In the latest episode of “The Really Good Podcast,” host Bobbi Althoff turned her focus on hip hop heavyweight Lil Yachty today (July 27). Following her headline-grabbing interview with Drake, the TikTok star’s latest one-on-one gifted listeners with another riveting hour of candid dialogue.

Early in their exchange, she broached the depth of Yachty’s relationship with the Toronto superstar. With Yachty comfortably dressed in an “I Love Scene H**s” t-shirt, he offered a refreshingly candid response. The artist suggested that their rapport runs as deep as “the center of the Earth.” Although he stopped short of declaring Drizzy his best friend worldwide, the Atlanta native admitted he is certainly in his “Top 3.”

Toward the end of their conversation, Drake fittingly interrupted the interview. In a snippet shared alongside the episode’s debut, Althoff stated, “Don’t say nothing crazy.”

The “God’s Plan” hitmaker revealed, “It ain’t easy. It’s a tough one to power through, I’m not going to lie to you. God bless her heart, though.” Yachty responded, “Brother, I’m the one holding this conversation alive. I’ll tell you that much.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Yachty spoke to the TikToker about his latest venture, “A Safe Place Podcast.” He explained, “I did it for my best friend… I did it because I wanted to make him rich.” When asked whether it was working, the musician replied, “Not yet. Well, I don’t know. We got our first sponsor. We got a pretty good signing deal. He’s not rich, but he has more money than he started with.”

Moreover, Althoff’s sit-down with Drake not only paved the way for her exchange with Yachty but also bolstered her show’s reputation. The Toronto native’s scolding of the host for missing her daughter’s first birthday for their interview sparked amusement and debate among fans.

Evident in this interview, the special camaraderie between Drake and Yachty highlighted the mutual respect they share. Yachty’s acknowledgment of the rapper as a role model echoed the sentiments of many others in the industry, including 21 Savage and Ice Spice.

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