Lilly Wachowski revealed why she’s not part of the Matrix: Resurrections

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The next entry in the science fiction saga that fascinated the world for its philosophical approach and its incredible action sequences, will have a fourth part. The other day we revealed that the movie will be called The Matrix: Resurrections. Today we have to talk again about this long-awaited project, which never ceases to amaze fans of the original story, which was an absolute success both in its criticism and in its commercial performance.

The decision to make a fourth part did not convince all those responsible for the original trilogy. In that sense, Lana Wachowski She is the one who took the reins of the new project and it will be her creative decisions that determine the future of Resurrections. His sister Lilly, did not join this alternative, something that caught the attention of the press. What happened?

Lilly Wachowski was not part of the creative team of Matrix 4

Lilly confirmed that she is not from the game because she feels “Bloodless,” for her professional activity that led her to work on many projects in a very short period of time. So, it should be noted that the director premiered the series these days Work in Progress and it was also linked to Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and Sense8. The idea of ​​joining a job as big as Matrix 4 it was unfeasible.

“My world was falling apart. I needed time away from the industry to reconnect as an artist. I did it by going back to college and painting. I made that decision. I started painting with my mom until Lana got the call from Netflix for the second season of Sense8. I didn’t want to do it “, highlighted Lilly.

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The screenwriter and director added: “There is something about going back to doing what you already did that is not attractive. I did not want to go through that transition period again added to the losses of Mom and Dad. It was to return on a path that I had already traveled. Emotionally it was negative. to go back to living in my old shoes. I didn’t want that! “, ended. Those are the reasons that led to Lilly to rest with respect to the rhythm of life he was leading and the reasons for his refusal towards the project The Matrix: Resurrections.

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