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Lily Allen Launches OnlyFans Account for Feet Photos

Lily Allen is kicking off her OnlyFans journey on the right foot.

The “Smile” singer, currently vacationing in Italy with her husband David Harbour, announced via her Instagram Story that she has created an account on the website known for NSFW content. The twist? Her account is entirely dedicated to photos of her feet.

Accompanying her post was a picture of Allen’s feet, cleverly obscured by a heart sporting Italian flag colors. Alongside it, she shared a link to her new OnlyFans account, with the cheeky caption: “La dolce feeta.”

In her account description, Allen humorously noted that she’s “just dipping my toes in” on the platform. Subscribers can access her content for $10 per month. Since launching in June, she has consistently posted, often incorporating foot-related puns like “sole trader” in her captions.

Allen has a history of pushing boundaries in her career. In a recent episode of her podcast, Miss Me?, she expressed her commitment to normalizing subjects that people often feel ashamed about. She candidly shares her own sexual experiences to help others feel more at ease with their own.

“When people hear someone like me talk about their experiences in a non-shameful, matter-of-fact way, it makes them feel better about themselves,” explained Allen. “I always aim to do that. It’s something I want to achieve through my music as well.”

She elaborated, “To me, that’s what art is about—helping people come to terms with their own behaviors, and behaviors that society often frowns upon. We’re all just human, right?”

Source: Entertainment Weekly