Lily Collins’ series that triumphs on Prime Video

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The second season of Emily in Paris, which was launched on December 22 on Netflix, again put Lily Collins on everyone’s lips. This is because the actress dazzled, once again, with her performance as Emily Cooper. On this occasion, her character faced new challenges in both work and personal life as she continues to adjust to Parisian life.

Undoubtedly, Emily in Paris triumphs again on Netflix showing the best version of Lily Collins. In fact, the great proof of this is that since its premiere it has been established as the second most reproduced in the top 10 of the platform. According to statistics, it has already been played 107,640,000 hours on the streaming giant and it continues to cause a furor so that, probably, next week it will already be first.

However, the reality is that Lily Collins is a very versatile performer and, therefore, beyond the boom of Emily in Paris there are other series by the artist that attract users. Although, on this occasion, the fiction that is on everyone’s lips and the actress stars in is not part of Netflix, but belongs to the Prime Video catalog. It is one of the most important historical dramas of recent times where Collins shares the screen with Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer.

The name of this strip is The last Tycoon and is among the most watched on Prime Video. Released in 2016, the fiction is based on the last unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and has a single season of only nine episodes. Although, it should be noted that, despite the wishes of the fans, the series was canceled and will not return with a second part to continue the story.

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FilmAffinity’s synopsis of The Last Tycoon says: “It focuses on Hollywood’s first prodigy executive in the 1930s, Monroe Stahr, and his power struggle with his mentor, studio head Pat Brady.” A story that will captivate all fans of drama, but also those who go crazy for love stories and romances typical of fiction.

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