Lily Collins’ struggle when she was just a teenager

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In recent weeks, her name has reappeared among the trends. Is that Lily Collins lives one of his best professional moments after launching the second season of Emily in Paris for Netflix. And although the user reviews may not be the best regarding the plot, the truth is that its interpretation and style were highly flattered, thus making it one of the most beloved actresses. However, behind the highlights there is always a somewhat dark story.

To their 32 years, the British celebrity is at the peak of success: she has the job of her dreams, she is very well in a relationship with Charlie McDowell and is adored by the public. But all that reached him after going through very complex moments in the past. It should be remembered that his parents are, nothing less, than actress Jill Tavelman and musician Phil Collins. From the absence of the latter, he began to suffer eating disorders.

The complex bond with her father led her to seek perfection in other aspects of her life. And that’s how everything got out of control. This is how she was encouraged to tell it herself in her book No filter: no shame, no regrets, just me, which he published in 2017. In that year, he also starred in the drama available on Netflix titled Down to the bone, where her performance of a young woman with anorexia nervosa was critically acclaimed.

It is that she knows very well what it is about. In his book, he mentioned that his extreme weight loss intensified when he turned addicted to exercise and laxatives, along with he only ate coffee and chewing gum. The reason? Lily Collins, after her parents’ divorce at age five, felt that “I couldn’t bear the pain and confusion and I needed your approval because I felt it was not enough”.

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He also explained that the alcoholism of his father Phil Collins and one toxic dating relationship with verbal and physical violence They were the necessary impetus to stop the situation and begin his recovery after a few years of youth dedicated entirely to the fight for food and self-esteem. Although it is part of the past, she assures: “It will never be erased because it’s part of who I am. But it no longer defines how I live my life on a daily basis”.

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