“Linda Hamilton’s Defining Decision, Ron Perlman as the Ultimate Monster, and the Indispensable Game of Thrones Creator: Unveiling the Unforgettable.”

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Beauty and the Beast: Why Ron Perlman Was the Ideal Monster

The story of Beauty and the Beast is very well known. The romance between a bestial-looking man and a young woman who manages to see the true inside of him received numerous adaptations over the decades (perhaps the most popular, the one produced by Disney in 1991). Although none was as original as the one in which Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton starred on television, but which had a dull ending after the resignation of one of its stars.

The Importance of the Creator of Game of Thrones in the Project

In the mid-1980s, screenwriter Ron Koslow fantasized about the possibility of bringing the television the story of beauty and the beast. From his perspective, the saga was to be set in contemporary New York, with a Beast named Vincent, who was part of an underground society, and his relationship with Catherine, a fearless district attorney. When they meet, a deep love arises between them that must survive all kinds of dangers and prejudices.

While preparing the project, which had received the green light from CBS, Koslow knew that the main challenge was to find the ideal actor for play the beast. Concerned more about physique than acting talent, the screenwriter was recommended to do a camera test with an unknown performer named Ron Perlman, who had stoically endured a tough characterization process for the film Quest of Fire. Effects specialist Rick Baker, who was to design the Beast, insisted to Koslow that Perlman was the right choice, saying, “When Ron came along, I knew he could handle all that makeup, and he knew what he was getting into.” putting. And I really pushed to get it cast.” Said and done, Perlman used to put up with the tedious four hours of makeup a day without complaint, in order to become the creature. For her part, Linda Hamilton was chosen to play Catherine, and thus the central couple was formed.

Linda Hamilton’s Decision That Marked Its End

With two seasons broadcast between 1987 and 1989, Beauty and the Beast did not become a resounding success but it enjoyed of a decent rating that allowed him to continue on the air. Its growth was slow but steady, and through word of mouth and the fanaticism of its audience, the show was showing signs of increasing popularity. But everything changed when Linda Hamilton made a decision that changed the course of that story. During the recordings of the second season, Hamilton told the producers that she was pregnant, and that for that reason she had decided to give up her role. . The creator of the series thought of giving a dramatic turn to that situation, and with George RR Martin they concluded that she should be killed in the last chapter of the second year, but not before giving birth to Vincent’s baby, who was kidnapped and whose whereabouts would be the axis of the third season.

But that plan did not yield the expected results. The departure of the actress was a blow, and although a new female lead appeared to cover that place -actress Jo Anderson-, the absence of chemistry between Perlman and Hamilton on screen suffered in the dynamics of the new episodes. In this way, the rating began to decrease until halfway through the third season, the channel decided to lift Beauty and the Beast. The last episode was broadcast in August 1990, and left a bittersweet taste for his fans. A fiction that had two great seasons, said goodbye in a hurry and without doing justice to its charismatic protagonist.

A Well-Remembered Series Today

Unlike the vast majority of versions of Beauty and the Beast, here the Beast never shows a human aspect and Vincent does not lose its status as a creature. “As a child I did not have a very positive opinion of my body, but I felt that there was something inside me that I wanted to share with the world. It had to do with what is not seen, like the soul (…). And the concept of the Beast in this series personally moved me a lot because it was about a character who, by force of fate, could not be part of what he loved so much, which was being part of human society,” Perlman acknowledged.

“Beauty and the Beast is always very close to my heart,” Perlman once said, adding: “When I got that part, I was wearing long time looking for something in Hollywood, without having much luck. And this series was my first big project, in prime time, and in the skin of the protagonist. And for all that, this was a peak moment in my career. And although in the years after this fiction, the actor was summoned countless times to impersonate the monster again in the context of advertisements, his response was always ‘Vincent is not there to be exploited’, as a sign of the deep respect he has for that Beast that made him an interpreter very loved by the public.

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