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Lindsay Hubbard Unconcerned About Ex Carl Radke's Feelings on Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Hubbard Unconcerned About Ex Carl Radke’s Feelings on Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Hubbard is entering a new chapter of her life with a new partner and the exciting news of a baby on the way. This comes less than a year after her ex-fiancé, Carl Radke, called off their wedding.

The “Summer House” star, 37, recently shared her feelings with PEOPLE, expressing that she feels her “prayers were answered.” Asked about Radke’s possible reaction to her pregnancy news, Hubbard made it clear she isn’t making any attempt to inform him personally. “I’m sure he’ll find out when the rest of the world finds out, but I’m not calling him up and having a conversation with him,” she said. “That relationship is in my past, and I can’t really focus on my past anymore because I’m so focused on my present and my future.”

Hubbard added that Radke’s emotions are no longer her responsibility. She emphasized that she’s grateful for the positive aspects in her life and that’s what has allowed her to maintain a positive attitude. “That’s what allowed me that quiet, calm strength that I had at the reunion,” she said, referring to her calm demeanor during the most recent “Summer House” season 8 reunion. Her focus, she explained, was on getting through the reunion so she could focus on more important matters.

The New York native, who recently announced her pregnancy with her unnamed boyfriend, shared her joy about becoming a mother. “I’ve been very lucky and blessed that the pregnancy has been fairly easy,” she said. “I’ve had no morning sickness, no nausea—if anything, it’s been the opposite because my pregnancy hunger is insatiable. But it’s been a really, really easy.”

Hubbard expressed her excitement about sharing her pregnancy news publicly. “I’m just excited to actually be able to talk about it publicly now and share in the celebration with our friends,” she said. “I’m a very ‘scream from the rooftops’ kind of girl. I’m just ready to let it all out now.”

Lindsay and Carl Radke called off their wedding in late August of 2023, just weeks before they were set to say “I do.” The reality TV couple got engaged on August 27, 2022, at Dune Beach in Southampton. They first met in 2016 during the inaugural season of “Summer House” but were involved with other partners at the time. They started dating in the summer of 2019 but broke up soon after, though they continued an on-and-off relationship over the years.

Hubbard announced her surprise pregnancy via Instagram on July 4, 2024, but did not disclose the identity of the baby’s father.

After being asked how her ex-fiancé Carl Radke would react to the pregnancy news, she told People, “His emotions are no longer my responsibility.”

The blonde beauty and her ex-fiancé called it quits during an episode of “Summer House” and most recently saw each other during the season 8 reunion.

Moving forward, Lindsay remains positive and focused on the new and exciting developments in her life. She concluded that her current journey and new beginnings have made her stronger and more focused on what truly matters to her. “It’s just so clear to me that the universe had a plan,” she explained. “I feel like my prayers were answered.”

Source: Daily Mail