LinkedIn launches Clubhouse-like Audio Events feature later in January

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The social network LinkedIn has announced a new feature for January 2022: Audio Events. This should allow users to open virtual discussion rooms if their LinkedIn profile is in so-called creator mode. This is not yet available for all LinkedIn users, as LinkedIn is gradually introducing Creator mode. The new mode should offer more opportunities to publish your own content and win followers.

In the virtual discussion rooms called Audio Events, some people discuss with each other on a “stage”, everyone else listens. Everyone can enter the room, listen or actively join the conversation. If you want to say something, you virtually raise your hand during the live conversation. The respective host has control over the room LinkedIn Product Manager Jake Poses to Techcrunch.

The event should open as a small pop-up window over the LinkedIn profile. According to the blog post, users can follow or write to other participants directly during the audio event.

In January, LinkedIn will initially release a beta version of Audio Events. Individual creatives will use it to host events that all LinkedIn users can attend. Gradually, more people should be able to host their own audio events on LinkedIn. A format for video streams is also to follow in the spring, with both offerings then forming the “Virtual Events” platform.

The principle of Audio Events is very reminiscent of the Clubhouse app. In the application launched in 2020, however, for a long time users could only take part in virtual rounds of talks by invitation. In the USA, Clubhouse is now also testing listening without an app, via a browser.

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