LinkedIn’s Latest Features with ChatGPT

By: Dan Cooper

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Finding work with AI-generated profiles on LinkedIn

Finding work is the maximum of more than one. They may even be looking for new opportunities to improve the one they have at the moment and for that, they don’t just need to improve their skills. They need a good cover letter, something essential if you are looking for that job on the Net.

And you will finally have a lot of help with this thanks to the fact that LinkedIn will use ChatGPT 4 to improve your descriptions. New AI-generated profiles arrive on LinkedIn ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips. This same week the new version of ChatGPT 4 has been released with many new features and it is not surprising that both developers and average users want to work with it.

Those who already have access are those who have the premium version, but little by little it will be democratized for more common use. Many may see it reflected on LinkedIn, a platform where it is possible to have a good overview generated by artificial intelligence.

This will replace the typical resume templates where you have to create a cover letter beforehand. As discussed in MSPoweruser, artificial intelligence will use previous models to create compositions that will make the task of writing a good description easier. LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen commented on this new feature, saying, “Our tool identifies the most important skills and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections, and comes up with suggestions to make your profile stand out.”

He also added that “by doing the heavy lifting for you, the tool saves you time and energy while maintaining your unique voice and style.” By this, he means that the text will be as close to the style you had previously in the sections that I mentioned above, and all this reducing the time you spend developing your own.

Now, getting the position will depend on you in future job interviews. First in premium users As you can see, artificial intelligence is helping users to have an assistant that helps improve their work profiles. While others are using it to solve their internet searches, others will have a better-written and presentable cover letter.

Of course, the premium users of the social work network will be the first to have this feature active, so the rest of us will have to wait for the platform to extend this feature to the rest of the world.

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